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Facebook for Business: The Top 3 Mistakes

The average engagement rate for a Facebook post is 7%, meaning if 100 people see your post, only 7 think it's worthy of a like or comment. With so much content on our feeds, how can your content stand out without annoying your followers? Here are 3 things you gotta stop doing:


#1 OVER-POSTING: How much is overkill?

As a business page, your followers are there because they like your product. Excessive posting can make them regret hitting the like button and screams, "LOOK AT ME." The number one reason brands are unliked is because they "post too frequently."

It's important to have a schedule. The average business page should post 1-2 times per day, with no more than 10 posts a week. Think about your demographic and always ask yourself, "Where are they today?" If you are a bathing suit company, then post twice a day on weekends and holidays. You have to tailor your schedule to your followers if you want to keep them engaged.

#2 AGGRESSIVE SELLING: Don't be a used car salesman.

Times have changed when it comes to selling. With so much accessible information, a potential client can google competitor rates and your company's reputation in seconds. Advertising, today, focuses more on building relationships and trust. If you want more friends (followers), then you have to be likable and share their interests.

Constantly posting promotions can make your followers flee, so create a content rule. Advertising yourself 100% is like watching TV with 100% commercials, so leave room to be social. For the next 2 weeks post 20% promotions and 80% lifestyle. Give your followers a mixture of both work and play.

#3 BEING INACTIVE: It's social media, socialize!

Every Facebook profile is a person and no one likes feeling ignored. Your communication should always feel "human." Take advantage of every comment to acknowledge their engagement. All comments should have your acknowledgement in the form of a like or a simple "Thanks!"

Leads can come from the strangest of places and it's important to treat every follower as a potential client. The more a follower feels acknowledged and engaged, the more trust they will have in you and your product.


Make an effort to learn from these 3 mistakes and put your social skills to the test. Interact more with your followers and be more approachable, I think you'll be surprised.

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