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3 Ways to Stand out on Instagram

It’s safe to say that Instagram has become the go-to social app. In 2015, Instagram became the fastest growing social media platform and is becoming the most interactive this year. With about 400 million active users every month, it’s important to stand out. Here are 3 easy ways to stand out on Instagram:



Create a style and commit. Instagram is a visually dominated platform and your branding not only builds value, but sets you apart from the crowd. Think of Instagram like an art auction, each post is a piece of art and your page is your gallery. If you want your pieces to get recognized and connected back to you, they have to be unique. Branding yourself on Instagram is easy. Choose a color palette and stick to it. Grab the colors from your logo or company branding and bring them into your Instagram posts. Use the same filter for all of your posts or choose to post vertical or horizontal photos only. The idea is commitment and consistency, a great example of Instagram branding is my dear friend, Melody Joy Munn's account. Instagram branding is just another way to make it easier for your followers to recognize you. In a platform of 400 million active monthly users, being recognizible is everything.



No one likes a copycat.

The quality of your content will make or break your Instagram success. Originality is key and in order to stand out, you have to show your followers content they’ve never seen before. Taking a post from a competitor and posting it to your followers is not only tacky, but looks redundant. Always think of your follower’s scroll experience and before posting something ask yourself, “Have they seen this before?” The average Instagramer will check their timeline around 4 -11 times a day. With so much content being refreshed, original content is non-negotiable. It’s okay to get inspiration from another post, but you have to reappropriate it to your followers and never compromise your branding.



Keep it interesting.

As much as your followers like your product, no one wants to feel spammed. Try to be unpredictable and offer a variety of content. Instead of advertising your product in every post, give your followers an inside look at a day in your office or content that is relevant to them; like industry news.

It's great to be excited about your product, but resist the urge to advertise it 5 times a day on Instagram. Your followers want to share your interests and engage with you, not be overwhelmed with advertisements. Instagram is a social platform so, socialize and leave the aggressive advertising for the radio.


Instagram has gone through major changes since Facebook took over in 2012 and staying informed can really elevate your social strategy. With the recent cancellation of the chronological newsfeed and introduction of a Facebook-type algorithm, standing out has become challenging.

Keep yourself accountable and give your followers content that’s original, consistent and engaging. Take the next 5 minutes and look at your Instagram page through the eyes of your followers, I think you’ll be surprised.

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