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Everything you Need to Know about 360 Photo.

Virtual reality is rising fast and if you want your business to stay ahead, it’s important you know how to use it. Yesterday, Facebook 360 (Facebook’s Virtual Reality department) launched 360 Photo. Here is a breakdown of what it is and everything you need to know on using 360 Photo for business.


#1 What is it?

Photos have become the main form of sharing experiences. Yesterday, Facebook unveiled a brand new way to let you share photos called Facebook 360 Photo. A 360 photo allows you to share more than just a landscape or portrait shot.

It goes beyond the constraints of a frame and let’s you share immersive views of your experiences. When someone sees your 360 photo, they can tap and drag the photo to get a complete 360 view. This takes sharing moments to another level.


#1 How does it work?

It’s actually simple! With your iPhone or Galaxy camera you have access to shoot in panorama. You can now upload that panorama photo to your Facebook feed and Facebook will automatically convert it into 360 for you.

The finished product is an immersive, more participative view of your experience.


#1 Why should I use it for business?

Advertising today is built on relationships and if you want to build trust with your clients, there’s no better way than placing them at the center of your business. By giving your clients a more immersive look into your new spring collection, operating room or employee event, you make them feel that much more involved.

By using 360 Photo for business, you’re now sharing moments that your clients can experience, making your brand feel that much more human and that’s where relationships begin.


As of right now, Facebook 360 Photo is only viewable; but, should be accessible over the next few days.

Over this next week, when something exciting or shareable happens at the office, think about your clients and if bringing them into that moment would increase their engagement. If the answer is yes, then play around with 360 Photo, I think you’ll be surprised.

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