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How to Use Facebook Live for Business

Here are 3 ways you can use Facebook Live for your business:


What is it?

Facebook took notes from rising popular apps, like Periscope, and integrated a live stream feature right on the Facebook app.

This features allows you to record and stream live video right to your follower’s feeds and can even notify your followers when you are streaming live.

So, what does this have to do with you business and how can you use it to your advantage? Here are 3 quick ways:


#1 Stream Events

Live streaming an event on your Facebook Business page elevates your connection with clients and can increase the event’s turnout.

With live stream, you can feel less held back by needing fancy video production to generate buzz. While it does not replace videos entirely, it definitely adds a candid, more human approach to marketing your event.

Your clients want to interact with a person, not a logo or a brand. Live streaming the set up of your event or the first people that show up not only builds your authenticity, but shows the excitement in real time.


#2 Stream your Product

Give your clients access to areas they’re not used to seeing or that are usually off limits. If you’re a plastic surgeon, bring your followers back into the exam room and show them how you inject botox.

Your followers are there because they like your product and by placing them in the center of your day, you’re building trust and authenticity.

Live stream allows the viewer to like and comment in real time as well, allowing you to use the stream as an educative platform. Answer questions in real time and engage with their comments.


#3 Stream Sales

By allowing you to connect with your clients in real time, holding sales events can be creative.

Take advantage of holidays - If your business is open on holidays, live stream and give your clients a glimpse into your sales and promotions. Use live stream to attract your clients, everyone loves an inside scoop!


Live streaming is easy, but it’s important to know how to professionally use it to your advantage. Keep in mind that your business has a brand and reputation. Whoever is hosting your live streams represents your business and being likable, approachable and relatable can make all the difference.

Take a moment to think about how Live Stream can help you interact more with your clients and take advantage of it, I think you’ll be surprised.

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