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How to Use Photos to Grow your Business

Facebook paid billions of dollars for an image dominated platform and you’re still posting blurry, irrelevant and spammy photos. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, it’s time to upgrade your content.

The mobile experience is crowded with ads and staying ahead means your content has to be original, relatable and engaging. Here are my 3 ways to to stay on top of the shift to visual:


The Secret

Around 174,000 photos are uploaded every minute on Facebook. People are no longer stopping their scroll experience for a status or even a link, they are stopping 90% more on photos.

This means that a photo of 'Happy Mother’s Day' will outperform and attract more engagement than a simple status saying the same thing.


How to Get Ahead

Over 20 billion photos have been shared on Instagram. With so much content going through your follower’s feeds, be original and give them photos they’ve never seen before.

Find out who the tech savvy person is in your company and give them a camera. Take photos of your store, office or event. Take advantage of features like Facebook 360 or Facebook Live and bring your followers into the center of your business.

Keep your content original and be yourself. No one likes spam.


Using Photos to Sell

If you are using social media to sell a product, the quality of your product’s image is far more important than the description, ratings or reviews. In your follower’s mind, the quality of your product's image reflects the quality of your brand.

You may have the best product in town, but if the image of your product is poor, you are compromising the quality of your brand.


The shift to visual runs across all social media networks. Photos are the leading form of content and it’s important you know how to use them for business. Social Media can be visual marketing for your business; but, managing your networks incorrectly can dent your online reputation and affect your overall brand.

Take a minute to look over your business profiles and look at the quality of your photos through the eyes of a potential client. Ask yourself if the quality of your photos accurately reflects the quality of your brand, I think you’ll be surprised.


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