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Why You Need Social Media for Business

The value of social media for business is completely overlooked and smart business owners are using that to their advantage. Social media is no longer just a medium to gain followers, post funny memes or share information. It's a space that, when used correctly, can grow your business, increase your sales and expand your client base.

Here are 4 reasons, I put together, on why you need social media for business:


Increase Business Recognition

You have a responsibility to make your business recognizable. What does this mean? It goes beyond branding, it’s no longer enough to have a unique logo or a catchy motto to your business. With so many businesses on social media advertising and sponsoring posts, being recognizable is what will set you apart of the crowd.

You need to be able to produce regular content and posts that look uniform and have the same style, this is what will build your business recognition and that’s what will build your client trust.


Legitimize Your Business

The more online real estate you have, the more you legitimize yourself as a business. It’s no longer enough to just a have a website. Your business needs to be active in social media in order to join conversations, jump on trends, and have a voice. The more you socialize, the larger your platform grows and the more legitimate your business appears online.

What’s the difference between having a great website and having social media business profiles? We’re talking about two completely different things. Your business website is there to show you exist, where as your social media profiles are there to show you are active.

Having a solid following on instagram or really great Facebook reviews not only legitimizes your business but it also reassures potential clients that you’re an established and active business.


Improve Customer Service

Poor presence on social media can also delegitimize your business. Again, it’s no longer enough to have a kick ass website. You have to be active socially in order to prove yourself as an active business.

If a new client goes to follow your business on Facebook or instagram and you haven’t posted anything in over a year or have 2 followers, you’re now sending a different vibe. That new client now assumes you’re not available to answer questions or troubleshoot comments.

You have a responsibility to provide great customer service if you want to grow your business and great customer service is offered in the preferred method of the client. It’s no longer just phone calls and emails, social media has given everyone a voice and being active and dedicated to your clients can increase their loyalty to your business. Responsiveness and communication can convert or break a lead.


Increase Sales & Make Money

Your goal with social media should always be sales. Always ask yourself "How can I make more sales and gain more leads?" The only way to do this is by putting a social media marketing strategy in effect that includes increasing your recognition, providing great customer service and generating leads.

Stay tuned for more posts on growing your sales via Facebook Ads, Instagram Sponsored Posts and Lead Generating Strategies for Social Media.


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