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3 Modern Ways on Marketing to Millennials

Before you understand how to market to millennials, you have to understand millennials. If you own or manage a business it’s safe to say you know your client demographic and how to target them. But only marketing to one demographic can hold you back from being relatable to other demographics, such as millennials.


Who Are They?

Millennials have a bad reputation for being perceived as entitled and unpredictable; however, it’s important to not let that fool you - Millennials are also loyal customers and vocal about product quality.

In order to understand millennials, you have to put aside their bad reputation and realize that time has passed. Most are now adults in their late twenties or early thirties and most of them aren’t kids anymore.

Millennials make up the biggest generation age group and more importantly: Millennials hold the highest purchase rate with an estimated $2.45 trillion in 2015. Do millennials have your attention now?

Here are 3 modern tips on how to market your business to them:


Make your Business Mobile

Millennials are dominant mobile users. Your business website should absolutely have a user-friendly mobile version. The mobile version has to be clean, easy to navigate and filled with information on your business and how to contact you.

Millennials are also using mobile apps. Their demographic makes up the majority of mobile app users. This means they rely on mobile apps like Yelp, Google, and Maps to search your business and read reviews.


Make your Business Social

Facebook is rated as the number one, most useful network for searching business products and services by millennials. You have to have a Facebook business page that is not only present, but active.

Social media is about socializing. If you want to attract millennials to your business your business page has to be relatable, engaging and active.


Make your Business Reputable

Reviews give clients the power to rate your business, your product, and your quality of service. A bad review not only hurts your online reputation but has the power to limit your leads.

A positive review should be acknowledged and has the power to improve your online reputation to place you above the competition.

Although reviews are completely uncontrollable, your quality of product and service are not. Assuring your clients a high quality experience both prior to purchase and after can make the difference between a good or bad review.


If you have the right mindset and practice these 3 tips, attracting millennials to your business won’t be hard at all. Put yourself in the shoes of a millennial, think of the different channels they use to communicate every day, and place your business right in the middle of it.

Make your business mobile, social, and reputable.

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